French minister livid over ‘discriminatory’ UK quarantine decision

Separating families’

Britain’s decision to create an “amber plus” category for France in mid-July had already drawn criticism, notably from the sizeable French community in the country who bemoaned that an easing of self-isolation rules for amber countries did not apply to them and their families on the other side of the English Channel.

“This pandemic and the constant travel rule changes have had a huge impact on the French community in the UK that, along with industry-leading companies from the travel and tourism sectors, fail to understand this last-minute decision from the UK Government,” Olivier Boudard, who launched a petition calling for France to be treated as an amber country, wrote.

His petition has gathered more than 6,300 signatures in a week.

Another petition launched since the latest announcement urges the government to allow fully-vaccinated people from France without quarantine, arguing: “This is separating families.”

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